Schiedam Parkweg Noord

ClientMunicipality of Schiedam and Woonplus Schiedam
CountryThe Netherlands
Scope105.000 m2
Period2000 - present
ExpertiseArchitecture, Urban Planning


Parkweg Noord is a ‘spearhead area’ within the restructuring operation of Schiedam’s Nieuwland district and an important link between the town center and the Beatrix Park.


Sturdy blocks are positioned like “boats in a shipyard’ in the green public space that is framed by existing and new water features.


Apart from the master plan for the whole neighborhood, the architecture of two blocks was developed. The water tower, in which each apartment is gifted with both an open and a closed veranda, seems to float above the water due to the large overhang and the transparent ground floor.

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The quayside houses with their split-level section and wooden terraces, offer a broad choice of extension options.


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