Interior design of the Old Townhall at Veghel

ClientThe municipality of Veghel
CountryThe Netherlands
Scope900 m2
Period2006 - 2008
ExpertiseArchitecture, Project Management


The Old Townhall of Veghel provide accommodation for the library, the tourist information desk, the artist collective, and the circle of local history. Reorganisation of the existing building and the wish to create a wedding location brought the municipality of Veghel to the renovation of the Old Townhall. The routing is modified and the space is rearranged. Several breakthroughs are made to link different rooms to one another and to let the daylight penetrate more deeply in the heart of the building.


The rooms are provided with a new floor and ceiling, the walls are repainted and different fixed pieces of furniture are designed such as the reception desk, showcases, a reading table, wall units, workplaces for information gathering and a oval element containing leaflets.


Maarten Steenbrink

Maarten Steenbrink MSc

Senior Architect

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