ROC van Twente Almelo

ClientROC van Twente
CountryThe Netherlands
Scope39.700 m2
Period2001 - 2007; phase 2: 2009

ROCvTwente Almelo-1285

A house, a big home for the whole community of ROC van Twente. A house on a very special place: tied up between railway tracks and housing estates, situated on a former factory site, this is a location of great class. The design is tailor made. It is a ground scraper, a big building fitting effortlessly in its environment.


Open and transparent, a comfortable home for student and teacher. The site is completely used; the desired closed classic building is publicly accessible from three sides.


Passages relate the centrally situated atrium with the outside world, thereby connecting the heart of the school, directly to the surrounding urban fabric.

Jurgen Boonstra

Jurgen Boonstra MSc


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