Visitor Center Noordoostpolder

ClientKoepel Windenergie Noordoostpolder
CountryThe Netherlands
Scope500 m2 GFA

20111214 - Windmolenpark Noordoostpolder view vanaf brug

The members of the Koepel Windenergie Noordoostpolder are about to construct the largest wind farm in the Netherlands. It will be located along the dikes of the IJsselmeer on the western side of the North East Polder. A total of 86 wind turbines will be erected on-shore and near-shore.

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Royal HaskoningDHV developed a floating visitor center positioned at the heart of the wind farm. The center informs visitors not only about the wind farm, but also about the surrounding Noordoostpolder and its flora and fauna.

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The measurements of the visitor center refer in various ways to the dimensions of the wind farm itself. The bridge to the center is 95 meters long, exactly the height of the wind turbine’s mast. The column grid size is a scaled pattern of the actual wind farm. The diameter of the auditorium is equal to the diameter of the turbine’s mast.
This way visitors can experience the magnitude of the farm from within the visitor center.

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